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Renae tells about her summer internship working in the manufacturing arena of Welding Engineering in agriculture.

RenaeThis summer I’m interning at AGCO in their manufacturing center in Jackson, Minnesota. I’m having a wonderful time and really enjoying the area. Jackson itself only has about 3000 people but I’m renting a place about a half hour away, a very nice little house right by a lake. The people here are the friendliest I’ve ever encountered who really, REALLY enjoy their fishin’ and grillin’ (which I should probably get into because they definitely like talking about it) .  Southwestern Minnesota is a bit of a culture shock coming from Columbus, but overall I’m enjoying the change of scenery.


At AGCO I’m interning under the welding engineering department, which makes up a huge portion of an agriculture equipment plant. With a high rate of production needed, GMAW is by far the most used process, operating under both manual welders and also robotic/automation welding.

I’m dealing mostly with the manual welding aspect, but later on I will be shown the ins and outs of particular robots in the factory and then given a project to create some programs for them.  My major project has been creating weld sequences for the manual welders to follow using Miller Axcess machines. I do this by either creating the welds in a 3D modeling program or recording the process with pictures/videos.  This sequencing makes the weld process more efficient  by creating consistency, tracking weld time/data, and allowing new welders to adapt to the process more quickly. I really enjoy this because I get to work both with computer software and be on the factory floor.

On top of this I also get quite a bit of hands-on welding experience as they have a training area I’m free to use (which I’ve definitely taken advance of). 


Definitely enjoying my time here! 


It’s not all about the internship.  Sujin K. tells us what she’s been up to this summer, besides working.

People make fun of me when I say I’m from New Jersey, but I love going home for the summer. I’m away from it for so long (three months at a time), and I miss it like crazy. My internship this summer is on Long Island, which is quite a commute from home. I work 4 days a week, so I have long weekends to enjoy the many things happening in the area.

I’ve been lucky enough to go to Lake George for a weekend for my little sister’s lacrosse tournament, hike at Bear Mountain, go to Long Branch for a day at the beach, and take multiple trips into NYC.

Sujin and the giant tennis ball

A couple days before the start of the U.S. Open, my sisters and I went to Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day at the National Tennis Center grounds. We basically ran around all day watching different pros practice.  We saw Kim Clijsters, and Rafael Nadal practice, which was cool – actually seeing them in person.  Half the day was spent helping my little sister get her giant tennis ball signed by the pros walking around!

The next day, we went to the Barclays at Ridgewood Country Club.  We watched some pros practice, including Matt Kuchar, who ended up winning the whole thing. After that we followed the pairs of JP Hayes and Rickie Fowler, and Ryuji Imada and Ian Poulter from tee-off to the 9th hole. It’s definitely more fun watching golf in person, though it’s easier to see what’s happening on TV because they follow where the ball goes. Watching live, if you don’t spot the ball right away, you’re pretty much lost until you walk and see where it landed.

Note: Sujin will return to Ohio State this fall as a senior in Welding Engineering, and president of the OSU student chapter of The American Welding Society (AWS).

Solid State Welding Demo

Throughout the summer high school students in various camps will visit Ohio State’s College of Engineering to learn about the different engineering majors offered.  Today, a group of rising high school sophomores and juniors learned about Welding Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering.

Here, a Welding Engineering student uses a drill to weld an aluminum bit to a larger piece of aluminum. This use of friction to weld metals is a type of  “solid state welding.”

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