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Posted by Megan, Academic Advisor for Welding Engineering.

One of my duties as academic advisor is to recruit new students to the Welding Engineering major. It’s a little like selling shoes; we know you need shoes, and you want to buy a pair, but we bet you’ve never seen this kind!

Welding Engineering is sort of the Rodney Dangerfield of Engineering…. “We don’t get no respect.”
The misconception that we train welders keeps students (and their parents) from giving us a second look when seeking an Engineering major at OSU.

I call it the “cocktail party” problem:
“So, I hear your son is going to OSU. What’s his major?”
“(Fill in the blank) Engineering.”
“Oh, that’s wonderful!” As long a the blank is something they’ve heard of before.

Parents don’t want to deal with:
“So, I hear your daughter is going to OSU. What’s her major?”
“Welding Engineering.”
“Oh.” lengthy pause  “Your daughter is going to be a welder? How do you feel about that?”

We know there’s nothing wrong with being a welder. Companies are begging to hire well-trained welders!
It’s just not what we do at OSU Welding Engineering!  We educate Welding Engineers who learn the science behind the welds. They understand, design, and create new processes for welding, so that welders can do their jobs with the multitude of materials, conditions, and budgets that industry throws at them.  Our Welding Engineering graduates get jobs, and are well-paid.  Nothing disrespectful about that!

Next weekend, we’re selling our shoes, er, major, at our OSU Welding Engineering Open House.  That morning, Welding Engineering juniors and seniors will host their families and alumni, while the seniors show off their final projects.  Later that afternoon, invited high school juniors and seniors and OSU Engineering students who are still looking for an engineering home, will tour our beautiful facilities and see the remarkable things our Welding Engineers do.

Slowly, but surely, we’ll convince prospective students and their parents to try on our unique line of shoes.  They’ll be walking around getting all kinds of respect.


Did you know that 10% of this year’s OSU Welding Engineering seniors are in the OSU Marching Band, TBDBITL?

David, Paul, and Spencer: TBDBITL 2010 Welding Engineering Seniors

It’s not all about the internship.  Sujin K. tells us what she’s been up to this summer, besides working.

People make fun of me when I say I’m from New Jersey, but I love going home for the summer. I’m away from it for so long (three months at a time), and I miss it like crazy. My internship this summer is on Long Island, which is quite a commute from home. I work 4 days a week, so I have long weekends to enjoy the many things happening in the area.

I’ve been lucky enough to go to Lake George for a weekend for my little sister’s lacrosse tournament, hike at Bear Mountain, go to Long Branch for a day at the beach, and take multiple trips into NYC.

Sujin and the giant tennis ball

A couple days before the start of the U.S. Open, my sisters and I went to Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day at the National Tennis Center grounds. We basically ran around all day watching different pros practice.  We saw Kim Clijsters, and Rafael Nadal practice, which was cool – actually seeing them in person.  Half the day was spent helping my little sister get her giant tennis ball signed by the pros walking around!

The next day, we went to the Barclays at Ridgewood Country Club.  We watched some pros practice, including Matt Kuchar, who ended up winning the whole thing. After that we followed the pairs of JP Hayes and Rickie Fowler, and Ryuji Imada and Ian Poulter from tee-off to the 9th hole. It’s definitely more fun watching golf in person, though it’s easier to see what’s happening on TV because they follow where the ball goes. Watching live, if you don’t spot the ball right away, you’re pretty much lost until you walk and see where it landed.

Note: Sujin will return to Ohio State this fall as a senior in Welding Engineering, and president of the OSU student chapter of The American Welding Society (AWS).

Solid State Welding Demo

Throughout the summer high school students in various camps will visit Ohio State’s College of Engineering to learn about the different engineering majors offered.  Today, a group of rising high school sophomores and juniors learned about Welding Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering.

Here, a Welding Engineering student uses a drill to weld an aluminum bit to a larger piece of aluminum. This use of friction to weld metals is a type of  “solid state welding.”

View more photos here.

Learn more about solid state welding here.

A couple of soon-to-be senior Welding Engineering students reported back on their summer internships:

From Kristen:

I’m interning in Chicago with Westinghouse. Learning a ton!

From Paul:

I’m interning in Hanover, Pennsylvania with ESAB. Having a lot of fun so far testing many new products in flux core, mig, and stick wires. Also got to learn to program a robotic welder and play around with it!!

It’s just the third week of the summer for OSU students, so stay tuned for more updates.


Working as a lab assistant has enabled me to be exposed to a number of projects that I otherwise would not have had the chance to be involved with. Along with valuable work experience, the exposure to these projects has also provided useful knowledge for my coursework. I plan to finish my BS in Welding Engineering in the spring of 2011 and would like to attend graduate school soon after.

Read more about Ben and his research and activities here


As a freshman I enrolled in the College of Engineering undecided on a discipline, however, by the end of the year I had chosen Welding Engineering as my major.

In Summer 2009, I completed an internship with Trinity Marine Products, Inc., a barge-building plant located in Ashland City, Tennessee. During my internship I worked to help reduce the amount of welding required to construct the barges, resulting in very large annual savings.

Read more about Daniel and his research and activities here.


I am currently a senior at OSU, and plan to graduate in 2010. In spring of 2008 I started working with the Welding and Joining Metallurgy Group.   I have done a lot of work with nickel-base alloys, determining solidification cracking susceptibility of various alloys.

Read more about Adam and his research and activities here.

Congratulations to the following OSU Welding Engineering majors who placed in the top 2 in the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, in the Engineering category.

Dr. Alexandrov, with Daniel, Adam, and Ben

First Place:
Senior, Adam H.
High Temperature Carbon Behavior in Dissimilar Metal Welds

Second Place:
Junior, Benjamin S.,
Determination of SCTR in Stainless Steel and Ni-Base Alloy Welds

Senior, Daniel S.
Phase Transformations in the Intercritcal Region of the Fine Grain Heat Affected Zone

A team of 10 Ohio State engineering students will race its homemade, human-powered vehicle at NASA’s 17th annual Great Moonbuggy Race in Huntsville, Ala. Friday and Saturday.

The majority of students on the OSU team are welding engineering majors who have been planning the design and funding process of the buggy since summer 2009.

More: The Lantern – OSU student-made moonbuggy part of NASA competition.