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Autumn and Winter Quarters have passed since our last update. Time sure flies when….. you’re taking classes!

Since then, Welding Engineering students attended FABTECH 2011 in Chicago, participated in a Lincoln Electric welding bootcamp, graduated 5, and now are getting ready for the April 27 Welding Engineering Open House and The Great Moonbuggy Race 2012.

Moonbuggy Captains Jared and Issac sent in a few photos to show what the team is up to.

Isaac tig welds the suspension tabs onto the frame.

Jared, Isaac, and Ben discuss some welding on the suspension tabs.



The challenge for the team, of course, involves more than welding. Students design, build, budget, purchase, market, and race the buggy. Check back later in April for Moonbuggy updates from Huntsville.

NASA – The Great Moonbuggy Race


OSU Welding Engineering students prepare for the 2011 NASA Moonbuggy competition in April.
See story in the Lantern:

Solid State Welding Demo

Throughout the summer high school students in various camps will visit Ohio State’s College of Engineering to learn about the different engineering majors offered.  Today, a group of rising high school sophomores and juniors learned about Welding Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering.

Here, a Welding Engineering student uses a drill to weld an aluminum bit to a larger piece of aluminum. This use of friction to weld metals is a type of  “solid state welding.”

View more photos here.

Learn more about solid state welding here.

Congratulations to the following OSU Welding Engineering majors who placed in the top 2 in the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, in the Engineering category.

Dr. Alexandrov, with Daniel, Adam, and Ben

First Place:
Senior, Adam H.
High Temperature Carbon Behavior in Dissimilar Metal Welds

Second Place:
Junior, Benjamin S.,
Determination of SCTR in Stainless Steel and Ni-Base Alloy Welds

Senior, Daniel S.
Phase Transformations in the Intercritcal Region of the Fine Grain Heat Affected Zone

Each year undergraduate students at The Ohio State University have the opportunity to present their research and compete in the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum.

Denman Undergraduate Research Forum

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering is proud to have 17 undergraduate students in MSE and Welding Engineering presenting at this year’s event.

Here are their topics:

  • First Principles Study of Uranium Metal
  • Nanofiber Growth on Metal Oxide Particles for Applications in Gas Sensing
  • Sythesis and Characterization of M-Type Ferrite Magnetic Materials
  • A Silk-Neuronal Biosensor for the Detection of Orexin-A
  • Shrinkage Control in Compacted Graphite Iron Castings
  • High Temperature Carbon Behavior in Dissimilar Metal Welds
  • Resistive Switching in Au-NiO-Au Nanowires
  • Phase Transformation Analysis in Alloy 282
  • Diffusion in Cu-Zn Binary: Physical Metallurgy of U.S. Pennies
  • Resistive Switching Response of TiO2 Nanowires for Memory Devices
  • Development of Synthesis Route for Bulk Sr2NiWO6
  • Phase Transformations in the Intercritcal Region of the Fine Grain Heat Affected Zone
  • Determination of SCTR in Stainless Steel and Ni-Base Alloy Welds
  • Fracture Toughness Prediction for Aerospace Composite Resin
  • Growth of Diamond Nanowires on Silicon Substrate Prepared with Gold Colloid
  • Osteoarthritis and Exercise: A Micro-CT Analysis

Congratulations to all of them for having their abstracts accepted to this prestigious event. Good luck to all!

Vote for your favorite team in the Honda iDream Student Challenge. OSU Materials and Welding Engineering students represent in the Materials category!

Team Project List here.

Read about OSU Welding Engineering student David Bajek’s adventure on the NASA “Vomit Comet.”

The flammability experiment consists of setting fire to aerospace materials and recording whether the flame extinguished itself before burning up all the material. In order to ensure that materials used in space are not susceptible to combustion, the students report, experiments are performed on the ground to evaluate a particular materials performance. The team members are trying to determine the effects gravity has on the spread of the flame and to improve the testing process.

OSU Microgravity Team

(Photo courtesy of NASA.  Permission to OSU College of Engineering)

OSU Welding Engineering students - Moonbuggy Team 2010