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Summer Circuits

Posted: August 3, 2012 in Activities, First Year

Incoming OSU Welding Engineering freshman Sam is getting excited for classes to start in a few weeks.  This summer, he’s been working two jobs, including an internship at OSU’s ElectroScience Lab.

As part of the project I’m working on there, I obtained a radio assembly kit online and put it together in order to experience the process of miniaturizing an antenna. Much as the name suggests, it is simply making the antenna smaller and more efficient; however, the process can be quite difficult, mainly because of impedance matching. I have learned an incredible amount about antennas and electrical engineering as a whole in the process, but fear not, I am still set on majoring in welding engineering.

AM-FM Radio built by Sam, working on miniaturizing the antenna

About the picture, it’s a front view of the AM/FM radio I built, with all the components visible. It took about 16 hours and 300+ solders, but after all the testing and assembly, it turned out amazing and works quite well!


Good to hear from you, Sam!  What a great start to your OSU experience.