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Summer Circuits

Posted: August 3, 2012 in Activities, First Year

Incoming OSU Welding Engineering freshman Sam is getting excited for classes to start in a few weeks.  This summer, he’s been working two jobs, including an internship at OSU’s ElectroScience Lab.

As part of the project I’m working on there, I obtained a radio assembly kit online and put it together in order to experience the process of miniaturizing an antenna. Much as the name suggests, it is simply making the antenna smaller and more efficient; however, the process can be quite difficult, mainly because of impedance matching. I have learned an incredible amount about antennas and electrical engineering as a whole in the process, but fear not, I am still set on majoring in welding engineering.

AM-FM Radio built by Sam, working on miniaturizing the antenna

About the picture, it’s a front view of the AM/FM radio I built, with all the components visible. It took about 16 hours and 300+ solders, but after all the testing and assembly, it turned out amazing and works quite well!


Good to hear from you, Sam!  What a great start to your OSU experience.


Spring Break: a time for sun and fun and total relaxation away from schoolwork, right?  Here’s how one of our Welding Engineering majors spent his.

Report and photos from Jake, 2nd-year OSU Welding Engineering Major:

OSU Buck-I-Serv group a Camp Baker

Over the Spring break I went with a group of OSU students on a Buck-I-Serv trip to Richmond, Virginia.
For 7 days we volunteered and lived at Camp Baker, aiding individuals with intellectual disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, Asperger syndrome, Down syndrome, and a variety of other disorders. The camp supervisors, caretakers, and the camp nurse taught us a lot about the disorders of the campers with whom we did crafts and physical activities.

Jake and a camper getting ready for some March Madness.

From the Buck-I-Serv website: Buck-I-Serv is The Ohio State University’s alternative break program that sends students across the country over winter, spring and summer break to volunteer on a variety of social issues. All trips are substance free and offer students the chance to not only learn about the social issues their trip is addressing, but immerse themselves in a first hand experience to better their understanding of the issue at large.

Autumn and Winter Quarters have passed since our last update. Time sure flies when….. you’re taking classes!

Since then, Welding Engineering students attended FABTECH 2011 in Chicago, participated in a Lincoln Electric welding bootcamp, graduated 5, and now are getting ready for the April 27 Welding Engineering Open House and The Great Moonbuggy Race 2012.

Moonbuggy Captains Jared and Issac sent in a few photos to show what the team is up to.

Isaac tig welds the suspension tabs onto the frame.

Jared, Isaac, and Ben discuss some welding on the suspension tabs.



The challenge for the team, of course, involves more than welding. Students design, build, budget, purchase, market, and race the buggy. Check back later in April for Moonbuggy updates from Huntsville.

NASA – The Great Moonbuggy Race

While our students are busy with summer jobs, internships, and classes, here are a few things going on in the department this summer.

First, it’s Ohio State Fair time, and OSU’s Welding Engineering students who worked on the Moonbuggy project partnered with the College of Engineering to get an interactive engineering display at the Technology and Engineering Showcase in the Youth Center (Lausche Building). Stop by until August 7.

OSU's Moonbuggy at the Ohio State Fair

In addition, the department acquired a new “toy” that will be used in classes and welding demonstrations to show a type of solid state welding called “cold pressure welding.”    The hand-held device welds wire pieces together without the use of heat.  Forcing two wires through a die several times, exposes pure areas of metal (copper, in this video) to come in close contact with each other, so that metallic bonding occurs.

In this video, visiting high school teachers learn about materials and solid state welding at an ASM Materials Teachers camp held in the department this summer.


Posted by Megan, Academic Advisor for Welding Engineering.

One of my duties as academic advisor is to recruit new students to the Welding Engineering major. It’s a little like selling shoes; we know you need shoes, and you want to buy a pair, but we bet you’ve never seen this kind!

Welding Engineering is sort of the Rodney Dangerfield of Engineering…. “We don’t get no respect.”
The misconception that we train welders keeps students (and their parents) from giving us a second look when seeking an Engineering major at OSU.

I call it the “cocktail party” problem:
“So, I hear your son is going to OSU. What’s his major?”
“(Fill in the blank) Engineering.”
“Oh, that’s wonderful!” As long a the blank is something they’ve heard of before.

Parents don’t want to deal with:
“So, I hear your daughter is going to OSU. What’s her major?”
“Welding Engineering.”
“Oh.” lengthy pause  “Your daughter is going to be a welder? How do you feel about that?”

We know there’s nothing wrong with being a welder. Companies are begging to hire well-trained welders!
It’s just not what we do at OSU Welding Engineering!  We educate Welding Engineers who learn the science behind the welds. They understand, design, and create new processes for welding, so that welders can do their jobs with the multitude of materials, conditions, and budgets that industry throws at them.  Our Welding Engineering graduates get jobs, and are well-paid.  Nothing disrespectful about that!

Next weekend, we’re selling our shoes, er, major, at our OSU Welding Engineering Open House.  That morning, Welding Engineering juniors and seniors will host their families and alumni, while the seniors show off their final projects.  Later that afternoon, invited high school juniors and seniors and OSU Engineering students who are still looking for an engineering home, will tour our beautiful facilities and see the remarkable things our Welding Engineers do.

Slowly, but surely, we’ll convince prospective students and their parents to try on our unique line of shoes.  They’ll be walking around getting all kinds of respect.

Hi, my name is Lucas Crumley, and I’m a 4th year student in Welding Engineering.

Instead of talking about my classes, I want to tell you about my job as an Engineering Ambassador. As an ambassador, I give tours to prospective high school students, but instead of covering all of campus like the University Ambassadors, I get to focus on the best part of campus: the College of Engineering!

On my tours, I show students some of the labs and classrooms that Engineering students at Ohio State typically use in their first year. I also talk about my specific experiences in classes, dealing with professors, campus life, and how and why I ended up coming to Ohio State, studying Welding Engineering.

Each ambassador is required to be able to talk about all of the Engineering Majors offered at Ohio State, but we have the freedom to promote our own majors specifically.

If you are a prospective high school student, I highly encourage you to take one of our tours because you not only get to learn about why Ohio State is an AWESOME university to attend, you get to hear our stories, experiences, and tips while seeing all that the College of Engineering has to offer.

So if you do come for a visit and attend our college overview and tour, you might get the joy of having Kristen Hammer, the only other Welding Engineering major Ambassador, or me as your tour guide – especially if you say that you want to study Welding Engineering.