Summer Happenings at OSUWeldEng

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Activities, Welding Engineering

While our students are busy with summer jobs, internships, and classes, here are a few things going on in the department this summer.

First, it’s Ohio State Fair time, and OSU’s Welding Engineering students who worked on the Moonbuggy project partnered with the College of Engineering to get an interactive engineering display at the Technology and Engineering Showcase in the Youth Center (Lausche Building). Stop by until August 7.

OSU's Moonbuggy at the Ohio State Fair

In addition, the department acquired a new “toy” that will be used in classes and welding demonstrations to show a type of solid state welding called “cold pressure welding.”    The hand-held device welds wire pieces together without the use of heat.  Forcing two wires through a die several times, exposes pure areas of metal (copper, in this video) to come in close contact with each other, so that metallic bonding occurs.

In this video, visiting high school teachers learn about materials and solid state welding at an ASM Materials Teachers camp held in the department this summer.



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