Senior Capstone Projects

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Classes, Final Year, Fourth Year, Welding Engineering

Senior students in the Ohio State Welding Engineering program are required to finish their year with a year-long senior capstone project.  The projects are usually done in teams, with the support from companies such as John Deere, Lincoln Electric, Caterpiller, General Electric, etc.   Here, seniors Dorian, Brian, and Paul show their advisor how a small robot welder works.

Paul explains:

We are studying the effects of shielding gas combinations on the weld properties.  We are testing four different gases, each primarily argon mixed with different levels of carbon dioxide or oxygen.

There are two different types of metal and three thicknesses of each steel being tested.  The main goal is to find the shielding gas combination that gives the best properties of the weld.

The use of a robot is essential in creating consistent welds and eliminating human error.

As seen in the video, a simple horizontal fillet weld is being made.  The testing with the robot just began and the exact parameters aren’t dialed in yet, which can be seen/heard in the video.  The robot is an education robot cell from Lincoln Electric and is very useful for small scale testing such as what we’re doing or for learning robotic welding in classrooms.


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