Summer Research in Welding Engineering

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Internships and Co-ops, Research, Welding Engineering

Summer internship update from OSU Welding Engineering senior Dorian M.

Southwest Research Institute

I have been working in San Antonio TX for Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in the Mechanical Engineering Division. Within that division I work in the department of Sensor Systems and Nondestructive Evaluation Technology. My  work in ultrasonic testing is in two technologies: EMAT (Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer) technology, and Magnetostrictive Sensor Technology.

I’ve been working on developing methods of permanently joining the magnetostrictive “transducer” to heavy pipe and plate for long-term structural health monitoring while in-service at temperatures above 500F. The magnetostrictive material I have been working with is a thin strip of an Iron-Cobalt alloy that is extremely difficult to join.

Currently I have developed procedures and methods for soldering, brazing, and adhesive bonding without affecting the magnetostrictive properties of the FeCo alloy.  Based on my research here I was asked to give a seminar to the Mechanical Engineering Division on soldering, brazing, and adhesive bonding of this alloy for use in non-destructive testing.


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